Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update: Kelli Glover

I am not dead, just have been very busy, I do plan on updating soon (famous last words, etc).

I do however have a big update: Kelli Glover, season 1 semi-finalist and wild-card show participant, just appeared on America's Got Talent. She performed Beyonce's "Listen". Video:

According to the host, Kelli has been working at a casino for the past six years. She initially gave up on singing after her defeat on American Idol (although to be pedantic I would probably classify it more as "not winning" than "losing") but is trying to make a comeback.

Kelli got positive feedback from David Hasselhoff, while Piers Morgan was a bit more ambivalent about her chances on the show. However, all three judges voted to put her through.

I'm interested in seeing how much America's Got Talent can do for Kelli. While Britain's Got Talent is a juggernaut that people across the globe know about, AGT is not nearly the cultural phenomenon BGT is. I can't say I could name a single act that has ever appeared on the show, actually. I imagine that thanks to Susan Boyle the AGT ratings will be up, but by how much I'm not sure.

As the show (and hopefully Kelli) progresses, I will post updates.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alexis Lopez (now Alexis Stone Lopez)

Alexis performed competently starting off semi-final group two, and was invited to the wildcard show for another shot at the finals. The judges seemed to be rooting for her, but both her performances ("I Will Survive" and "Saving All My Love For You") were criticized as "karaoke" by the judges. Since the earlier seasons I think the contestants have gotten a bit savvier about song choices, as no one has performed "I Will Survive" on the show since season 3 (and I can't imagine the tongue-lashing they would receive from the judges if they did).

recent photo

Since Idol, Alexis now goes by Alexis Stone Lopez, and her look has changed from girl-next-door to rocker girl. She has been immersing herself in music, attending the Musicians Institute after high school, touring the US, and recently filled in for the lead singer of the band Landrum. She is now currently working on her own album, release TBD.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates recently...I'll have a new batch up soon, and try to update regularly.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kelli Glover

Despite turning in two solid performances during Semi-Finals Group 1, one after she was called back for the Wild Card episode, Kelli wasn't able to edge past the competition and make it to the finals. Her emotional reaction to not making the top 10 was major water-cooler talk the next day.

So what is she up to these days? All I am able to glean is that she is still making music. She lent her vocals to "Sunday Morning" by The Infernos Band, and has made appearances at various industry events. If you have any more information about her recent projects, please drop me a line (see Contact Me box on the right).


Justinn Waddell

Justinn was on the receiving end on some rather inconsistent feedback re: his performance of When a Man Loves a Woman. Paula was positive, Randy commented on his outfit (positively? negatively?), then Simon was rather critical before saying "well done". Inconsistent feedback? On American Idol? Good thing that doesn't happen anymore.

promo shot for his album

Justinn certainly didn't slow down after he left the show. Now going by the name Frankee Razor, I could tell you about what he done since then, but since Frankee was kind enough to take the time to tell me about what he's up to, I will let him speak for himself:
Since Idol, I've changed my name to Frankee Razor "ur local Hip Hop Jimi Hendrix". I've tour and performed with Eric Benet, Faith Evans, Jamie Foxx, and a host of others. I'm near completion of my own reality show set to air in 2010.

I am the founder and CEO of Frankee Razor Music, an Entertainment Company specializing in production and distribution of Music, Television, and Film.

Music Wise, I am spearheading the Urban Rock Movement, merging Hip Hop, Soul and Rock. It'd be awesome to tell everyone to Join the Movement by going to and add me as a friend.

Basically, Idol was a blessing beyond measure, Simon was my favorite judge, and Paula gave me some advice that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. Rodesia Eaves, Khaleef Chiles, and Kelli Glover are still my best friends. I see American Idol as a fraternity, that no one can understand unless they experience it. There is a instant solidarity past American Idols have with each other, regardless of season or ranking; as Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino and I became instant friends when we met for the first time.
Thank you Frankee! Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Ryan Starr

one of the most talked-about performances of season 1

Originally auditioning under her given name (Tiffany Montgomery), Ryan was definitely one of the more memorable contestants of season 1. Ryan was one of the lucky ones, as she was signed by RCA after her stint on Idol. However, due to her disagreement with RCA regarding the type of music they wanted her to record versus the type that she wanted, she left RCA in 2005.

She ended up releasing a song exclusively through iTunes, "My Religion," which peaked at #1 on the iTunes chart. However, since then she has not followed up with much, except for "My Religion" and two other songs on "Curtain Call: New Songs from Past American Idol Finalists, Vol 1". She has been much more prolific via reality television, with major appearances on "The Surreal Life" and "Gimme My Reality Show!". She has not updated her official website or her MySpace, so I am not sure what she has been doing in the last couple of years. As usual when I find more information I will post it.

2007 magazine cover


Brad Estrin

The most memorable aspect of Brad Estrin's short stint on American Idol was not his performance, but Simon's critique of his singing as "Chilean karaoke". Seven years and one college degree later, I can't say that I'm quite sure what he meant by it, but it certainly helped Simon solidify his position as the "mean British guy". I feel for many of the contestants whose brief time in the limelight was overtaken by the judges attempting to get some zings in.

Brad lists his current occupation as "Social marketing/event planner...[part-time] singing ninja". He also gave a dishy interview to the East Bay Express shortly after his time on Idol. Some choice quotes:
"There were a lot of phonies in the top thirty," says Estrin. "There was a lot of backstabbing going on." Example? "There was a girl in my group," he confides. "She came up to me about a half-hour before I was to perform and said, 'Oh my God! Did you know that the show's not going to air in your hometown?' It had been preempted by a Giants game. I'm like, 'Yeah ... ?' And she goes, 'Well, maybe that's better because I know you've been struggling with the song all week, and so your family's not going to see it, which'll be a good thing.'"
re: Simon's barb:
"Honestly? It did hurt me, because I'm human. I don't have a lot of respect for Simon in that aspect. Anybody can sit up there and throw out a cheap insult. It's not hard. It takes a bigger man to give somebody constructive criticism."